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Funeral Services in Mesa, AZ

If I am making arrangements for a terminal or deceased loved one:

Where do I start?
You will need to start by choosing a mortuary (and a cemetery if you are choosing burial ). Location and pricing can vary considerably. Hospice nurses, hospitals, or clergy may have a list or be able to recommend one if you do not know of any. Since you are visiting our website, we hope you will choose us.

If I am making arrangements for myself:

Where do I Start?
Let others know what you want. This will help lessen the stress. Decide if you want to be buried, cremated, or donated to science; and if you would like a service and/or a viewing.

Can I make pre-arrangements?
Yes, Please contact us at (480) 962-6435 or at

If I make pre-arrangements and move or you go out of business what happens?
You always have the option to change mortuaries. Your pre-arrangement payment is held by a third party governed by federal regulations. The funds can only be released to the Mortuary that actuallyhandles the arrangements.

Why choose a service and/or viewing?
A service or viewing helps bring closure to those who are left behind. Its purpose is to help in the grieving process. It is an opportunity for family and friends to acknowledge the death, celebrate the loved ones life, and give hope for the future.

Who can conduct a service?
Church clergy, family members, or funeral home staff can conduct the services.

Where can services be held?
Services can be held where ever you choose. Some possible sights include churches, the mortuary, community hall, home, park, etc.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, A detailed price sheet of your chosen arrangements is available upon request. Services are priced as a basic plan. Additional items such as additional mileage, oversized caskets, cremation containers, cremations, body bags, escorts, motorcycle hearse, and specialty items such as videos, colored portrait programs, luncheons, or receptions, etc., are not included.

Who is the legal next of kin in the state of Arizona?
The legal next of kin is the medical health care power of attorney (must be signed and notarized), wife, all children living in Arizona, (If none of the above apply) then both parents, sibling, followed by other relatives.

If I choose to be cremated or have my loved one cremated what do I need?
Prior to death you will need a signed and dated document of immunity. This form MUST be witnessed by a legal adult or notarized. If this is not completed before passing, then it becomes the responsibility of the legal next of kin to sign the authorization for cremation. Authorization is a state law requirement. You will also need to provide financial arrangements in order for the mortuary or crematory to execute your wishes. If this is not completed, the decision for disposition is to be decided by the legal next of kin.
You will need to purchase a combustible container for the cremation to take place in. This can be purchased from the mortuary or crematory.

If I want a viewing or service before the cremation do I have to buy a casket?
No, most mortuaries have a rental casket. The casket contains a liner that is removable. The liner serves as the cremation container.

What will happen to the cremains?
Cremains can be placed in an urn or special container of your choice, or left in the temporary container provided by the mortuary which is usually cardboard. It is the family's responsibility to dispose of the cremains unless prior arrangements are made with the mortuary.

Can cremains be shipped?
Yes, they can be shipped via airlines or registered US mail. Please allow 7-10 days. Shipping to other countries is also possible. It usually requires paperwork from the consulate and airfare. Please allow 3-4 weeks.

Does the body have to be embalmed to be buried?
No, embalming is not a requirement for a burial. Most mortuaries, however, will not allow a public viewing without embalming. Airlines frequently require embalming if shipment is necessary.

Can the body be shipped out of state or to another country?
Yes, the mortuary can help you make those arrangements and help get the necessary permits for transportation. Family and friends can also transport the loved one if they desire to help defray cost if necessary.

What is needed to be buried?
You will need clothing. This can be what is worn when the deceased arrives at the mortuary or special clothing brought in by the family or loved ones.
A casket must be purchased or provided. Most cemeteries have specific requirements, you will need to call the cemetery of your choice and ask for their requirements. The cemetery may also require an outer burial container to be purchased.

Do mortuary fees cover all expenses?
No, mortuary fees do not cover the cost of cemeteries. Those fees vary by cemetery, with the location within the cemetery, and the day of the week burial will take place.
Other fees may include: obituaries, flowers, clergy, building fees, and grave markers. Most mortuaries can help make these arrangements but are not included within their pricing structure.

What is needed if a science donation is made?
There are different types of donations. You can donate your entire body to medical schools, organizations, or disease centers. Your doctor, medical institution, or mortuary can help you find these organizations.
If a partial donation is made, arrangements can be made for the body to be cremated once the donation is complete. Some organizations will pay for the cremation and transportation after the donation has been completed. Check with the organization to find one that will fit your wishes.

If I am a Veteran or a spouse of a Veteran do we have any benefits?
Yes, Veterans and their spouse are buried at a Veteran's Memorial Cemetery for free. You are also entitled to a headstone regardless of where you are buried at no cost. You may also receive, at no charge, a flag and military service honors at the funeral if requested.
If you are a disabled veteran your family may be entitled to help with funeral expenses. Check with the Veteran's office for qualifications and other benefits at 1-800-827-0000.

How do I get death certificates and how many do I need?
Your mortuary of choice will be able to order the certificates for you from the state. Original or certified copies are required for each life insurance policy, every piece of real estate, and each county where a vehicle is registered, and for any trusts. Banks and Investment firms will generally accept a copy. You should not give rental contracts, utilities, credit cards or medical insurance original copies.

Where can I get Benefits or Refunds?
Most mortuaries know of organizations that can help with cost if it is needed. Social security has benefits for your spouse, minor children, and enrolled college students. Other places to look are at Cobra health insurance, employers, life insurance at banking institutions, unused auto and health insurance premiums, life insurance on credit cards or mortgages, trade unions, fraternities, or other organizations.

What do I need to do after the loss of a loved one?
You will need to contact any employers, arrange for care of animals, and locate a current will. Other people to contact would be all insurance providers, the Social Security office, utility companies if the deceased lived alone, all creditors, those who owed the deceased money, investment companies, and any landlords. You will also need to forward all mail, cancel driver's license, close bank accounts, stop magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and change the name or transfer all auto and home titles.

What agencies can help when a problem occurs?
The Public Fiduciary can help with burial for indigent individuals. There is a qualification process. Public Fiduciary (602) 506-8040, Arizona Dept. of Insurance (602) 912-8444,Arizona Dept. of Real Estate (602) 468-1414, Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers (602) 542-3095, Arizona Department of Vital Records (602) 542-3095. They can help order death certificates if you need additional copies.

Where can I find help to deal with my grief?
Contacting these groups is the sole responsibility of the individual and use is at the discretion of the patron. The list of these services are provided as a service to you. Other organizations may be available.
East Valley Bereavement (480) 785-1515
Compassionate Friends (480) 982-1885
Grief Support Group Adults 50+ (480) 962-5612
Parents of Murdered Children (602) 506-2488
Survivors of Suicide (480) 784-1514
Widows Aide Society (480) 225-1980
New Song (480) 797-9970
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